A key consideration when evaluating a video description is:

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A key consideration when evaluating a video description is:

a – Are important words in all caps?

b – Does the description use correct punctuation?

c – Do the video title and description start with the same word?

d – What is visible on the top 3 lines?


Think about YouTube as a search engine. In fact, it is one of the largest search engines in the world. So, writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos. And not only YouTube. Your video can also appear in Google search for example. That’s why you need to think carefully about your video description.

First, descriptions should contain valuable information that helps viewers find your videos in search results and understand what they’ll be watching. As a result, well-written descriptions with the right keywords can boost views and watch time. However, make sure that each video has a unique description. 

In addition, the most important part of your video description is the first three lines. Why? Because they are viewable without pressing “show more” button. Use these lines wisely. For example, explain what the video’s about using search-friendly keywords and natural language.

So, what is a key consideration when evaluating a video description? First, and the most important – the top 3 lines. 

Learn more on the official Google support website.


What is visible on the top 3 lines?

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