AdWords Mobile Advertising Exam Practice Test

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In this post you will find free practice test based on actual AdWords Mobile Advertising certification exam questions.

Update! After Google AdWords rebranding to Google Ads this sample test is not 100% up to date. However, we keep it live here because it’s still a great way to learn Mobile Advertising concepts and many questions are similar to actual Google Ads Mobile exam. In addition, the complete list of actual Google Ads Mobile Assessments Questions is available here.


Let’s face it. AdWords Certification Exams are not easy. Some questions could seem confusing or even misleading. Or, in the worst scenario out of the date. AdWords Mobile Advertising certification exam is not an exception.

Nobody likes spending hours learning and then fail the exam due to poor quality questions.

But no worries. Here we have a great solution. If taking a shortcut with Mobile Advertising Exam Answers is not the best fit for you, consider taking this free practice test you will find in this post.

3 Reasons Why you should take AdWords Mobile Advertising Practice test

  • Get familiar with actual certification exam questions.
  • Check your knowledge before taking certification exam.
  • Eliminating exam stress
Check Your Knowledge with this AdWords Mobile  Advertising  Sample Exam. It’s completely free test, which allows you to get familiar with Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Exam Questions. There is no time limit, so you could take it at your own pace.  No sign-in, email or registration required. A Smart Way to Test your Knowledge.

As you probably know, you can retake Google AdWords Certification exam only after 1 Week if you fail it. Here you can take a sample test based on actual AdWords Certification Exam questions. Save Your Time!

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