About AdWords Fundamentals Assessment Test

About AdWords Fundamentals Assessment Test



Laurent, YZYadwords.com, 17 January 2018

As you probably know AdWords Fundamentals certification, or AdWords Fundamentals Assessment as it’s called now, finally is moved to Google Academy for ads interface. As a result, from 17th January 2018, all AdWords certifications are only available on Academy for ads.

Sounds like a big change? Well, not quite.

Let’s see what is changed and what you should know passing AdWords Fundamentals Assessment test in particular. Long live Academy for Ads.

New home, same faces…

As we know, Google Partners module was focusing more on certification for agencies and digital professionals. Now, all exams are integrated into Academy for Ads. 

So, Google certifications and training are available in one place. Great. All 9 exams now are accessible in Academy for Ads – AdWords Fundamentals Assessment, Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Mobile advertising exams. In addition 3 not adwords related certification programs – Google Analytics individual qualification, Mobile Sites and Digital Sales. Well, a new home, same faces we could say.

“Training and Certification in one place. Long live Academy for Ads”

AdWords Fundamentals Assessment. What’s New?

Honestly, I was waiting for an UPDATE. With no luck. I could call this a nice polishing, but not an update I was expecting. It worth mentioning, that many digital marketing professionals agree that Google certification exams contain misleading, tricky, outdated or simply poor quality questions. That was a very good opportunity to change this. 

“65 questions in 90 min during assessment. In fact, 128 possible different questions in total. All in PDF. 100% corect….”

So, what is changed? 

  • The Name. This exam was called AdWords Fundamentals Certification in Google Partners. Now, it’s AdWords Fundamentals Assessment in Google Academy for Ads. Not a big deal, right?
  • Time control and the number of questions. Now, you get 65 questions in 90 minutes. Was 100 questions in 120 minutes. But there is a huge BUT. Now, AdWords fundamentals Assesment has 128 possible different questions. It means, that every time you take the exam, you get 65 random questions from these 128. And, in random order. That’s a big deal and great exam quality improvement.
  • Visual representation. Exam interface was visually changed. Also, few questions were added where you need to choose several answers. It’s a new question format in Google exams. In general, looks nice. In my personal opinion, text during the exam is little more difficult to read and all these animations look kitschy. But I believe that many of you will like it more. In addition, Google Academy for Ads structure somehow is very similar to Facebook blueprint learning center. 
  • New questions. More than 30 new questions were added to this exam. Some old questions were removed. In my opinion, it’s just great as fundamentals really need to be updated more frequently. Worse, that quality wasn’t improved much.

Too big to fail? or… Too big to not to fail

Thanks to Google AdWords certifications misleading questions what inspired me to start this little project…  

Let me give the example. Here is the old, famous question from AdWords Fundamentals Certification.

Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding can help drive conversions by using your conversion history and:

  1. cost-per-click (CPC) goals to raise your bid when a conversion is more likely
  2. cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals to show the optimal ad when a conversion is more
  3. cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals to raise your bid when a conversion is more likely
  4. cost-per-click (CPC) goals to show the optimal ad when a conversion is more likely

Which answer is correct?

First, check this short explanation based on Google help –  “target CPA is an AdWords Smart Bidding strategy that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) you set. AdWords sets these bids to achieve an average CPA equal to your target across all ad groups and campaigns using this strategy.”

I guess you’d bet for number 3, Right? Well, me too. But the fun part is that “it was!”… 

The correct answer almost 2 years passing AdWords Fundamentals exam was number 3. But, now, suddenly, if you want to get 100% correct result during this AdWords Fundamentals Assessment test, you have to choose the option number 1!

Please don’t, ask me to explain this… 

About PDF file with AdWords Fundamentals Assessment test Answers

PDF file which is available on this site contains all possible questions from Google AdWords Fundamentals Assessment test. It’s a searchable file with verified and correct answers. 

Consider that with Exam errors made by Google exam creators (as in the example above) it’s extremely difficult to get a perfect result even you are an expert in Adwords. It took me a while to find this error… 

“100% actual Questions. 100% correct answers.

Searchable PDF file”

Check YouTube live passing video

3 Reasons Why You Should Get SEMrush Certified

3 Reasons Why You Should Get SEMrush Certified

Take it YZY…. No rush here. Just reasons why getting SEMrush certified is a good idea.


How getting SEMrush certified could help me?

If you do a Google search for “SEO services”, “PPC management” or something similar you’ll find millions of professionals. From “Black-hat services” to white. Or whatever color you want. From freelancers to international marketing agencies. Tons of marketers fighting for a better position.

If you are one of them, you should better be well geared to stand out of this crowd.


SEMrush certified blog post photo yzyadwords

Why SEMrush? Well, if you are already in SEO, SEM or PPC you know it. If not,  it’s enough to say that SEMrush is one of the best tools available for SEO’s, PPC marketers, copywriters and other digital marketing professionals.  It’s one of the “must have” weapons fighting for better positions. And, in this heavily overcrowded market “more is better”.

Here is a link to official SEMrush website where you can try various tools for free.



Reason No1. It’s All about Confidence.


Like any other certification, SEMrush certificate demonstrates your skills and knowledge.  It’s just one piece which helps you build confidence and credibility in the specialized niche.  And, what is especially true in digital marketing “No trust” means “No contract”.

Did you know that a big part of sites offering SEO or marketing services online is just automated websites outsourcing services from freelancers or other agencies? Yes, thousands… You can even become an owner of this “know nothing, but sell” businesses for less than 100 bucks. And probably fail to find even one client. Why? Again, it’s all about confidence.

Building confidence showing that you are certified by the worldwide known and reputable company is a way to go.  This is the first reason why being SEMrush certified is a good idea for SEO’s and marketers.


SEMrush Certification for SEOs Exam Answers

About the exam SEMrush for SEO’s

This exam will assess your mastery of the SEMrush tools useful for SEO specialists. Upon successful completion of this exam, you will receive an SEMrush for SEOs certificate.

You will be asked 38 questions.You are allowed 45 minutes for the exam.

To pass the exam, you need to score at least 70%.

If you fail the exam, you must wait 72 hours to retake it.

Reason No2. Boost Your Profile


I don’t know why some employers require AdWords certificate hiring a web developer.  Or expect basic PHP skills from copywriters. That’s crazy.  But the fact is, that we still see a way too many job postings with a long list of requirements. Often not relative. This happens because people still trust diplomas, certificates, and all kinds of accreditations.

Just ask yourself how would you hire a guy in a specialized niche where you know nothing. You just can’t evaluate their skills. I bet you will look at their certificates at some point of a hiring process.

Being SEMrush certified won’t guarantee you a job or contract but could give you a chance being listened and then the possibility to prove your skills.

You think you don’t need building your resume?  You already have a stable job or growing business?  Well, think again.  Building a resume should be a constant process.  People don’t use resumes just for job applications.  Resumes could add a great value to your personal brand.  Even if you are running a marketing agency a strong personal presence will help you building confidence with clients, investors or partners. Remember? No trust – No contract.


SEMrush Certification for PPC Specialists Exam Answers

About the Exam SEMrush for PPC

You will be asked 27 questions.

You are allowed 45 minutes for the exam.

To pass the exam, you need to score at least 70%.

If you fail the exam, you must wait 72 hours to retake it.

Reason No3. Free and Fresh


I like free things. Free is good. Thanks SEMrush that this online certification is absolutely free. Same as other great online certification programs for digital marketing professionals – Google Partners, AdWords, Hubspot, Bing and few others.  Yes, they all are selling their products at some point. And I should agree that “nothing is free”. But the point is that they give something valuable before asking for your dollar. You can learn, get certified and use it for free. It’s up to you if you want to pay for something.

One more thing, SEMrush academy is one of the most recent online certification programs. Still in beta mode at the moment of writing this post.  And, that’s good.  Imagine that crowd of marketers fighting for better positions. Good tools are great. But even better when they are good and new. Being SEMrush certified not only proves your skills and knowledge of SEMrush tools but also demonstrates that you are interested in new programs learning and improving your skills.

You can easily share SEMrush certificate in your LinkedIn profile,  your website, resume or wherever you want. It’s a great add-on to your resume and credibility.  SEMrush certificate is available immediately after successfully passing the certification exam.  And, it looks nice. Great.



SEMrush Certification for Content Exam Answers

About SEMrush For Content Certification exam

This exam will assess your mastery of the SEMrush tools for content creation. Upon successful completion of this exam, you will receive an SEMrush for Content Marketers certificate.

You will get 32 questions and you will have 45 minutes for the exam. To pass the exam, you need to score at least 70%.

If you fail the exam, you must wait 72 hours to retake it.


BUT…. There are no “PROS” without “CONS”


Have you ever experienced a situation when you know the material very well but you can’t answer a question due to poor formulation?  Or even failed the test? I did. And, I really hate it. Misleading, confusing, outdated, too easy and funny, a way too specific and complicated tests are illnesses of most online certification tests. And, this illness has really bad complications.

Like AdWords, HubSpot, Bing, with no exception SEMrush tests are also affected by poor quality questions. You can spend hours learning, practicing and still fail the exam.

You can go a traditional way studying theory, reading tons of texts and watching training videos. It’s great. You will learn a lot and I wish you best of luck passing the test. But there is also another way. You can use this time to practice with tools gaining practical skills and easily pass the exams with test question-answer files. You will always be able to read about specific topics later if you need it. “Read less, Practice more”.

If You decide that the second approach suits better for you here you can find all SEMrush certification exam questions and answers based on actual exams. All Questions are actual and all answers are correct and verified.

Get SEMrush Certified!

All possible Google Analytics Certification Exam Questions

All possible Google Analytics Certification Exam Questions

NEW Google Analytics Certification Exam QUESTIONS

Learning is easier when you know exam questions… “Cough, better, if you know answers also, cough”. Available here – Google Analytics Certification Exam Answers 

Google have recently changed Google Analytics Certification Exam questions. Here is a list of ALL POSSIBLE questions you can get during Google Analytics exam. There are 100 different actual questions and you will be given only 70 randomly of these 100 during the exam. Note, that this list is not just a copy of live exam passing, it was typed after passing this exam multiple times to get ALL POSSIBLE. questions. 

Save your time preparing for Google Analytics Certification exam! More about Google Analytics Certification program on official Google Partners website. 

Let’s Dive in. Google Analytics Certification Exam Questions 1-25

To collect how many times users download a product catalog, what would you set up?

  1. Calculated Metrics
  2. Event Tracking
  3. Custom Report
  4. Custom Dimension

What scope would you apply for a Custom Dimension that collects for users who log into your website?

  1. Hit
  2. User
  3. Session
  4. Product

You may apply a new Custom Channel Group retroactively to organize data that has previously collected.

  1. True
  2. False

Which of these CANNOT be collected by the default Analytics tracking code?

  1. User’s favorite website
  2. Device and operating system
  3. Device and operating system
  4. Page views

What URL tag does AdWords add to the destination URL using autotagging?

  1. urlid=
  2. urlid=
  3. gclid=
  4. utm=

Which of these is NOT possible when you link your AdWords account to Google Analytics?

  1. Create remarketing lists in Analytics to use in AdWords campaigns
  2. View AdWords click and cost data alongside your site engagement data in Google Analytics
  3. Adjust keyword bids inside Google Analytics
  4. Import Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords as conversions

Which reports require you to activate Advertising Features?

  1. Demographics and interests reports
  2. Geo reports
  3. Cohort Analysis reports
  4. Real-time reports

By default, Google Analytics can only collect behavioral data from web-connected systems

  1. False
  2. True

If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordecomputer” and a Match type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on www.googlemerchandisestore.com will NOT count as a goal?

  1. /ordercomputer/thank_you.html
  2. /order/complete.php
  3. /ordercomplete.php
  4. /ordercomplete/index.php

What will happen if you install the same default tracking code on pages with different domains?

  1. Analytics will not associate these users and sessions with any domain
  2. Analytics will associate these users and sessions with their respective domains
  3. Analytics will alert you about duplicate data collection
  4. Analytics will associate these users and sessions with a single domain

Auto-tagging is used to collect data from which kinds of traffic?

  1. Social media traffic
  2. Search engine traffic other than Google
  3. Website referral traffic 
  4. AdWords Campaign traffic

Which filter would you apply if you only wanted to include data from a campaign titled “Back to School” in Campaign reports?

  1. Predefined include filter with “traffic to the hostname” that are equal to “back to school”
  2. Custom include filter with field “Page Title” and pattern “back to school”
  3. Custom include filter with field “Campaign Name” and pattern “back to school”
  4. Custom Search And Replace filter with field “Campaign Name”, string “back to school”, and pattern “include”

To recognize users across different devices, what feature must you enable?

  1. Attribution Models
  2. User ID
  3. Audience Definitions
  4. AdWords Linking

Which report helps you understand which kinds of mobile devices were used to visit your website?

  1. Technology > Network report
  2. All traffic > Source/Medium report
  3. Site Content  > Landing Page report
  4. Mobile > Devices report

Which of these criteria CANNOT be used to create a Custom Segment?

  1. Sequences of user actions
  2. Dimensions
  3. Metrics
  4. Ad Type

Which report can compare metrics based on user acquisition date over a series of weeks?

  1. Cohort Analytics report
  2. Users Flow report
  3. User Explorer report
  4. Active Users report

Which of these is NOT a benefit of using segments in your data analysis?

  1. You can compare behavior metrics for groups of users like Converters vs non Converters
  2. You can analyze users by single or multi-session conditions
  3. You can permanently modify the data in your view
  4. You can isolate and analyze specific conversion paths using conversion segments

Which of these is NOT a benefit of using segments in your data analysis?

  1. You can compare behavior metrics for groups of users like Converters vs non Converters
  2. You can analyze users by single or multi-session conditions
  3. You can permanently modify the data in your view
  4. You can isolate and analyze specific conversion paths using conversion segments

Which report helps identify which browsers may have had problems with your website?

  1. The new vs Returning report
  2. The active Users report
  3. The Source/Medium report
  4. The Browser & OS report

Google Analytics filters are applied in the order in which they are set in your view:

  1. True
  2. False

What is a “dimension” in Google Analytics?

  1. An attribute of a data set that can be organized for better analysis
  2. The total amount of revenue a business has made in a given date range
  3. A report that offers information about your audience
  4. A comparison of data between two date ranges 

Which of these is NOT a benefit of Remarketing in Google Analytics?

  1. Show customized ads to customers who have already previously visited your site
  2. Create remarketing lists based on custom segments and targets 
  3. Create remarketing lists without making changes to your existing Analytics snippet
  4. Allow customers to reorder an item they have previously purchased 

Which of these user characteristics CANNOT be used to create a Custom Segment?

  1. Users that engaged  in your social media or email campaigns 
  2. Users 25 to 34 years of age who have their browser set to Spanish
  3. Users that viewed a page on your website and then watched a video
  4. Users who have children

If you wanted to track what search terms customers used to find products on your website, what would you set up?

  1. Data Import
  2. Site Search
  3. Enhanced Ecommerce
  4. Search filters

Which of these can be imported to define a remarketing audience?

  1. Custom Segment
  2. Custom Dimension
  3. Custom Metric
  4. Custom Report

Which report shows users who initiated sessions over 1-day, 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day periods? 

  1. Cohort Analysis report
  2. Users Flow report
  3. User Explorer report
  4. Active Users report
5 Facts about Google AdWords Certification Exams

5 Facts about Google AdWords Certification Exams

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About Google Adwords Certification Exams BEFORE YOU START

fact 1. About google certification exam. It's freeIT’S FREE

Google AdWords Certification is a great online certification program. There are 6 Google Adwords Certification Exams, Google Analytics Exam and Mobile Sites exam. And, what makes it even better is that’s completely FREE.  Some time ago we had to pay 50USD for each AdWords exam, but not anymore. Now it’s free and accessible for everyone. All you need is just to join Google Partners program. You could read more about google AdWords certification in official Google Partners website. 

 Fact no 2 about google adwords certification examAT LEAST TWO EXAMS

AdWords Certification program contains 6 different exams at the moment (not counting separate certification programs like Google Analytics and Mobile Sites). You need to pass AdWords Fundamentals and 1 of advanced Google AdWords Certification exams to get your certificate. You are free to choose which advanced exam to take and in what order. Note, that passing all of them will give you 5 different AdWords individual certificates in the specific advertising area.

Google Adwords certification exams structure

5 advanced AdWords Exam are Search Advertising Exam, Display Advertising Exam, Mobile Advertising Exam, Video Advertising Exam and Shopping Advertising Exam. Each covers specific AdWords campaign types and is slightly different in exam format itself. As mentioned above, to become AdWords certified professional you need to pass AdWords Fundamentals Exam and at least one of Advanced Exams.  

About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 3 MORE THAN 80%

You need to answer more than 80% questions correctly to pass an Exam. Sounds easy? Well, not quite. Each Exam contains from 63 to 100 different questions. AdWords Fundamentals (100), Search (100), Display (100), Mobile (70), Video (74), and Shopping (63). There is much more different question you could get during the exams. This means you won’t get the same questions every time you take an exam. Most questions cover theory and “best practices” which you could find in exam preparation guides, but some questions are really tricky and it’s hard to answer even for professional marketers. Folks say that there are some misleading questions and I can’t disagree. We could find some misleading questions, some are just outdated. Of course, these won’t decide you pass or fail, but if you are aiming 100% result, that could be a quite complicated task.

You can retake the exam after 1 week if you fail it. 

 About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 4TIME LIMIT

Google Adwords Certification exams are limited in time. Once you have started an exam, you won’t be able to pause it. You have a 120min time limit for AdWords Fundamental, Search Advertising, Display Advertising Exams, and only 90min for Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising Exams. Time will be running no matter you close your browser, lose an internet connection or for any other reason. Well, holding a 6-month-old baby in your hands isn’t a best practice passing AdWords certification exams.

Once passed your certificate and exam results are valid 12 months. After that, you need to retake Google AdWords certification exam to keep your certificate up to date.

 About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 5IT MATTERS

Google AdWords certification program is one of the most valuable online certification systems and is highly recommended for any individual who is interested in digital marketing. Sure, just being certified won’t guarantee you a job in a marketing agency and won’t get you solid clients. But it’s a great starting point which demonstrates that Google recognizes you as an expert in online advertising. Yes, it Maters. 

Save your time with YZYadwords – Google AdWords Certification Exam Questions & Answers

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