Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 assessment 1 answers

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Which of the following features are only available for Analytics 360 properties? (select three)

Roll-Up Reporting

Custom Tables

Custom Funnels

Custom Dimensions & Metrics


Which feature is unique to Roll-Up Reporting Properties?

BigQuery Export

Source Properties report

Users Flow report

Audience Insights report


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Which features need to be configured within the views of your new Roll-Up Property? (select three)   



Exclude URL Query Parameters



Which of the following statements about Custom Funnels are true? (select three)   

Custom Funnels populate with historical data.

Custom Funnels can consist of any number of stages.

Custom Funnel stages can be based on pages or events.

A single stage can consist of multiple rules.


In the custom funnel below, what was the percentage of users who left the funnel between stage 1 and stage 2?   






When does sampling occur in Analytics 360 reports?   

When a report contains a high cardinality dimension

When a standard report contains more than six months of data

When an ad-hoc query exceeds the sampling threshold for sessions

When a standard report exceeds the sampling threshold for sessions


What would indicate that your report has exceeded its row limit?   

The report shows a message that it is not based on 100% of sessions

You see “(other)” as a row for the primary dimension in your report

You see “Unsampled Reports” as an available Export option

You are unable to show more than 5,000 rows in the user interface


What is a key benefit of Custom Tables when compared to Unsampled Reports?   

Custom Tables support ad-hoc analysis with reports in the Google Analytics user interface

Custom Tables enable you to pull more unsampled historical data

Custom Tables have higher row limits than Unsampled Reports

Custom Tables can be scheduled to run daily


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