WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About Google Adwords Certification Exams BEFORE YOU START

fact 1. About google certification exam. It's freeIT’S FREE

Google AdWords Certification is a great online certification program. There are 6 Google Adwords Certification Exams, Google Analytics Exam and Mobile Sites exam. And, what makes it even better is that’s completely FREE.  Some time ago we had to pay 50USD for each AdWords exam, but not anymore. Now it’s free and accessible for everyone. All you need is just to join Google Partners program. You could read more about google AdWords certification in official Google Partners website. 

 Fact no 2 about google adwords certification examAT LEAST TWO EXAMS

AdWords Certification program contains 6 different exams at the moment (not counting separate certification programs like Google Analytics and Mobile Sites). You need to pass AdWords Fundamentals and 1 of advanced Google AdWords Certification exams to get your certificate. You are free to choose which advanced exam to take and in what order. Note, that passing all of them will give you 5 different AdWords individual certificates in the specific advertising area.

Google Adwords certification exams structure

5 advanced AdWords Exam are Search Advertising Exam, Display Advertising Exam, Mobile Advertising Exam, Video Advertising Exam and Shopping Advertising Exam. Each covers specific AdWords campaign types and is slightly different in exam format itself. As mentioned above, to become AdWords certified professional you need to pass AdWords Fundamentals Exam and at least one of Advanced Exams.  

About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 3 MORE THAN 80%

You need to answer more than 80% questions correctly to pass an Exam. Sounds easy? Well, not quite. Each Exam contains from 63 to 100 different questions. AdWords Fundamentals (100), Search (100), Display (100), Mobile (70), Video (74), and Shopping (63). There is much more different question you could get during the exams. This means you won’t get the same questions every time you take an exam. Most questions cover theory and “best practices” which you could find in exam preparation guides, but some questions are really tricky and it’s hard to answer even for professional marketers. Folks say that there are some misleading questions and I can’t disagree. We could find some misleading questions, some are just outdated. Of course, these won’t decide you pass or fail, but if you are aiming 100% result, that could be a quite complicated task.

You can retake the exam after 1 week if you fail it. 

 About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 4TIME LIMIT

Google Adwords Certification exams are limited in time. Once you have started an exam, you won’t be able to pause it. You have a 120min time limit for AdWords Fundamental, Search Advertising, Display Advertising Exams, and only 90min for Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising Exams. Time will be running no matter you close your browser, lose an internet connection or for any other reason. Well, holding a 6-month-old baby in your hands isn’t a best practice passing AdWords certification exams.

Once passed your certificate and exam results are valid 12 months. After that, you need to retake Google AdWords certification exam to keep your certificate up to date.

 About Google AdWords Certification. Fact number 5IT MATTERS

Google AdWords certification program is one of the most valuable online certification systems and is highly recommended for any individual who is interested in digital marketing. Sure, just being certified won’t guarantee you a job in a marketing agency and won’t get you solid clients. But it’s a great starting point which demonstrates that Google recognizes you as an expert in online advertising. Yes, it Maters. 

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