How Prepare For AdWords Search Advertising Certification

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Check our tips how prepare for AdWords Search Advertising Assessment Test available on Google Academy for ads. A smarter way to learn.

Latest Google Ads Search certification exam answers are here. Updated again.

Google has recently moved AdWords certifications to Google Academy for ads. Let’s overview what’s changed.


About AdWords Search Advertising Assessment

Whether you’re taking your first attempt at the Search Advertising Assessment, retaking it after a challenging first try, or simply updating your certification, today’s coverage will give you an idea of where to focus. Save your Time!

Sure, you can take a shortcut with Search Advertising Assessment test answers available on this site. But if you want to know the best way how to prepare for search advertising assessment test, check tips below.

Let’s start with exam format:

  • 100 questions. 
  • 120 minutes time limit
  • The passing score is 80%
  • You need to pass AdWords Fundamentals assessment first
  • 12-month certification validity period

So, what’s new and different after moving to Academy for Ads? Well, not so much. The best thing is, that now you can access teaching guides and exams in one place. Academy for Ads makes it easy. Also, there are some questions where you have to choose several answers. It’s a new question format we haven’t seen in Google Partners. Also, you can see questions were you’ve made mistakes after the exam ends. And, that’s it. All other aspects, both bad and good ones, are more or less the same.

What You Should Keep In Mind About Search Advertising Assessment

Very limited time.

This is a timed assessment. Submit your answers before time is up to avoid an automatic failure. It’s not a big deal with other exams like fundamentals. In Fundamentals Assessment you have 65 questions in 90 minutes. In Search Advertising Assessment you get 100 questions in 120 minutes. Not only you have less time per question. But also, it’s quite a challenge keeping focused answering 100 questions. It’s not too easy.

Random questions.

Maybe it’s not important for the first time takers. But if you are retaking the exam or updating your certification, keep that in mind. There are more than 100 different questions in Search Advertising Assessment test. 127 to be exact. All they are listed in PDF file with answers. It means that every time you take the exam you get 100 random questions from all possible questions and in random order.

Several misleading and difficult Questions.

Is it difficult? Well, from my point of view it’s the third most difficult exam from advanced AdWords Assessments. But that’s not the most important point. So, is it difficult? Not really. If you’ve just passed fundamentals and your goal is to get certified. And a big YES, if you aim  100% score. A reason is the same as was in Google Partners. Misleading, poor quality questions. You need luck more than experience in AdWords to answer them.

People sometimes ask me which exam I would recommend taking after passing Fundamentals. That’s very common question. Yes, Search Advertising Assessment is a good choice. While choosing the exam should depend on why you need getting AdWords certified in general, there are much more common topics between Fundamentals and Search advertising than Fundamentals and Video Advertising for example. That’s why passing Search Advertising after Fundamentals would be relatively easier.

    Tips How To Prepare For AdWords Search Advertising Assessment

    Take Courses Available On Google Academy For Ads

    Google Academy for Ads made a great job. Learning AdWords now could even be fun. Is it enough? No. Don’t expect that taking 3 hours courses will make you Search advertising guru and you won’t face any troubles answering 100 questions. Keep in mind that many of them are based on real-life problems. That requires a deep understanding of available options. However, these courses are definitely worth taking.

    Here are the most important topics you should focus on – Quality Score, Ad Rank and Ad position, bidding options, structuring your campaigns, ad targeting, keyword match types. If you already know how it works, you should be able to answer about 30% questions with no difficulties.

    Get Familiar With Search Advertising Assessment Questions

    In my opinion, knowing the Assessment Questions before reading material is a great way to learn. First, it lets you focus on the right things. As mentioned before, many questions are based on practical situations. Knowing real-life situations allows you to filter what’s really important. Second, it eliminates the exam stress. No stress, focusing on key points is a smart way to learn and saves tons of your valuable time.

      Practice With AdWords Platform

      If your goal is not just to pass the assessment test, but also gain AdWords skills, practicing should be the essential part of your learning process. I strongly believe that “Practice More, Read Less” is a way to go. 

      Get familiar with AdWords interface, use some demo AdWords data if you do not want to experiment with a real account. Understand the structure of AdWords Accounts. 

      One day I have asked myself. Who is a better candidate to be hired? A Guy who has spent 2-3 weeks following Academy for Ads courses, watched Google Partners training videos and have read tons of material available on AdWords Help. Maybe some tutorials on Udemy or similar?  And finally succeeded in Search Advertising Assessment Test? Or a fellow who has spent 2-3 weeks gaining practical skills and got 100% score during exam cheating with answer sheet?  I have an answer for myself. 

      Best of luck!


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