Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 1 answers

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What are the benefits of using Data Studio?

Allows you to visualize your own data

Free of charge

Accessible on web-connected devices

Access to additional attribution models


Which are examples of data sets?

Google-generated data, such as Google Analytics or Google Sheets

A data source based on a CSV file

Metrics and dimensions typed directly into Data Studio

Amazon sales data


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Once you’ve connected your data in Data Studio, how often do you need to manually provide your data set credentials again?   

Every time you load the report



Only if you’ve revoked access


Which types of components can be included in a report?   






Which term refers to the underlying data that can be connected to Data Studio?   

Data set

Data source

Data control

Data connection


Which access permission would you provide to a coworker to collaborate with them on a report?   

Can view report

Can edit report

Can view data source

Can edit data source


To share your report via a public link and allow all viewers to see chart data, which data source setting would you choose?   

Invite user to view

Invite user to edit

Use owner’s credentials

Use viewer’s credentials


What is the order in which data flows into Data Studio charts?   

Data set → data source → report → chart

Data source → data set → report → chart

Component → data source → report → chart

Data set → report → data source → chart


If you upload data from a CSV file to create a data set in Google Cloud, how can you update that data set in the future?   

Upload a CSV file with only the new rows of data

Upload a CSV file with all the original data and additional data

Click the refresh fields icon in the data source to automatically upload changes from the file on your computer

Manually edit the data in the Data Studio report


Which feature helps you create a new report quickly?   

Owner’s credentials

Edit access




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