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This best-selling bundle includes 9 files with Google Certification Exam answers. All 6 Google Ads certification exam Questions and answers, AND 3 certifications that fall under ‘Get certified in other areas” category in Google Academy for Ads – Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Digital sales, and Mobile Sites Certifications. Save more than 60% with this promotional bundle offer! Get certified by Google.

File Contains: Google Ads Fundamentals Certification Q&A; Search Certification Q&A; Display Certification Q&A; Google Shopping Certification Q&A; Mobile Certification Q&A; Video Certification Q&A; Google Analytics Individual Qualification Q&A; Mobile Sites Certification Q&A; Digital Sales Certification Q&A.


What’s Included?

The package of 9 PDF files that contain questions and answers from main Google Certification Exams – All Google Ads exams AND Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Mobile Sites and Digital Sales certifications.

All Possible Questions

The file contains All possible questions for 9 Google certification exams.

Verified Answers

100% correct Answers. If you follow this guide you’ll score 100% correct. We guarantee.

Searchable File

Files are completely searchables and very easy-to-use. Just note that questions during the tests are always in random order.

Always Up-To-Date

We update our files on a very regular basis. The file reflects the latest and actual certification exam. Also, you’ll get all future updates for FREE.

Guarantee To Pass

No more exam stress. Get certified on the first attempt.


“Practice More, Read Less”. Save hours of your valuable time. Focus on improving practical skills rather than passing tests. 

What About The Exams?

Google Certifications are valuable certification programs available on Google Academy For Ads. This Bundle offer contains 9 Google certification exams answers with all possible questions. All 6 Google Ads certification exams and Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, Digital Sales certification, and Mobile Siles certification. Undoubtedly, these certificates will be s a great boost to your profile. Save your time and get certified.

Google Ads Exam Answers bundle yzyadwords google ads bundle

Google exams are limited in time and you have to score 80% or higher to pass them. Some of them are quite tricky and not all topics are covered in training material. However, The PDF file contains all possible questions with answers. So you don’t need to worry.  Get Google Exam Answers and get certified easily.

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