Take it YZY…. No rush here. Just reasons why getting SEMrush certified is a good idea.


How getting SEMrush certified could help me?

If you do a Google search for “SEO services”, “PPC management” or something similar you’ll find millions of professionals. From “Black-hat services” to white. Or whatever color you want. From freelancers to international marketing agencies. Tons of marketers fighting for a better position.

If you are one of them, you should better be well geared to stand out of this crowd. 

Why SEMrush? Well, if you are already in SEO, SEM or PPC you know it. If not,  it’s enough to say that SEMrush is one of the best tools available for SEO’s, PPC marketers, copywriters and other digital marketing professionals.  It’s one of the “must have” weapons fighting for better positions. And, in this heavily overcrowded market “more is better”.

Here is a link to official SEMrush website where you can try various tools for free.


 Reason No1. It’s All about Confidence.


Like any other certification, SEMrush certificate demonstrates your skills and knowledge.  It’s just one piece which helps you build confidence and credibility in the specialized niche.  And, what is especially true in digital marketing “No trust” means “No contract”.

Did you know that a big part of sites offering SEO or marketing services online is just automated websites outsourcing services from freelancers or other agencies? Yes, thousands… You can even become an owner of this “know nothing, but sell” businesses for less than 100 bucks. And probably fail to find even one client. Why? Again, it’s all about confidence.

Building confidence showing that you are certified by the worldwide known and reputable company is a way to go.  This is the first reason why being SEMrush certified is a good idea for SEO’s and marketers.


Reason No2. Boost Your Profile


I don’t know why some employers require Google Ads certificate hiring a web developer.  Or expect basic PHP skills from copywriters. That’s crazy.  But the fact is, that we still see a way too many job postings with a long list of requirements. Often not relative. This happens because people still trust diplomas, certificates, and all kinds of accreditation.

Just ask yourself how would you hire a guy in a specialized niche where you know nothing. You just can’t evaluate their skills. I bet you will look at their certificates at some point of a hiring process.

Being SEMrush certified won’t guarantee you a job or contract but could give you a chance being listened and then the possibility to prove your skills.

You think you don’t need building your resume?  You already have a stable job or growing business?  Well, think again.  Building a resume should be a constant process.  People don’t use resumes just for job applications.  Resumes could add a great value to your personal brand.  Even if you are running a marketing agency a strong personal presence will help you building confidence with clients, investors or partners. Remember? No trust – No contract. 

Reason No3. Free and Fresh


I like free things. Free is good. Thanks SEMrush that this online certification is absolutely free. Same as other great online certification programs for digital marketing professionals – Google Partners, AdWords, Hubspot, Bing and few others.  Yes, they all are selling their products at some point. And I should agree that “nothing is free”. But the point is that they give something valuable before asking for your dollar. You can learn, get certified and use it for free. It’s up to you if you want to pay for something.

One more thing, SEMrush academy is one of the most recent online certification programs. Still in beta mode at the moment of writing this post.  And, that’s good.  Imagine that crowd of marketers fighting for better positions. Good tools are great. But even better when they are good and new. Being SEMrush certified not only proves your skills and knowledge of SEMrush tools but also demonstrates that you are interested in new programs learning and improving your skills.

You can easily share SEMrush certificate in your LinkedIn profile,  your website, resume or wherever you want. It’s a great add-on to your resume and credibility.  SEMrush certificate is available immediately after successfully passing the certification exam.  And, it looks nice. Great. 

BUT…. There are no “PROS” without “CONS”


Have you ever experienced a situation when you know the material very well but you can’t answer a question due to poor formulation?  Or even failed the test? I did. And, I really hate it. Misleading, confusing, outdated, too easy and funny, a way too specific and complicated tests are illnesses of most online certification tests. And, this illness has really bad complications.

Like Google Ads, HubSpot, Bing, with no exception SEMrush tests are also affected by poor quality questions. You can spend hours learning, practicing and still fail the exam.

You can go a traditional way studying theory, reading tons of texts and watching training videos. It’s great. You will learn a lot and I wish you best of luck passing the test. But there is also another way. You can use this time to practice with tools gaining practical skills and easily pass the exams with test question-answer files. You will always be able to read about specific topics later if you need it. “Read less, Practice more”.

If You decide that the second approach suits better for you here you can find all SEMrush certification exam questions and answers based on actual exams. All Questions are actual and all answers are correct and verified.

Get SEMrush Certified!


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