PDF files with certification exams questions and answers

SEMrush Certification

Hootsuite Certification

Freaquently Asked Questions

Are your files up to date?

Absolutely. All files are 100% up to date and contain ALL possible questions you can get during the certification exam. Note that questions generated after passing exams multiple times to make sure all questions are known and actual. In addition, all answers are 100% correct. Just note that questions are given in Random order. We check for updates on regular basis.

Will I receive updates?

Yes. If you create an account during a transaction, you will be able to access the latest updates anytime via your account interface. If you haven't created an account, please contact us, and we will send you the latest version via email.

Will I be able to use the file during the exam?

Yes. You will be able to use PDF file during Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, BING certification exams. You can open it in another browser window or tab. PDF files are searchable. 

How I receive my file?

The PDF file will be available immediately after purchase. After confirmation, you will be redirected to a page with an active download link. Also, you will receive an email with an active download link for your convenience. Note. If you create an account during the transaction (optional), you will be able to access all your downloadable files via your account interface.

What about language settings?

Our files are prepared in English (US). Please choose English (US) as certification exam language while passing Google exams to avoid minor differences from English (UK). This doesn't apply to other certifications - HubSpot, SEMrush or Bing.

We have files available in French also.

Are these PDF files Searchable?

Sure. All our PDF files are searchable. We recommend using shorter phrases while searching to avoid any possible formatting issues. 

Please note, that questions during Google, HubSpot, Bing certifications are always given in Random order.