What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track?

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What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track?

a – Customer’s lifetime value

b – Making a purchase

c – Signing up for a newsletter

d – Watching a video


In Google Analytics, goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. It goes without saying that setting your goals is essential to get the most of your analytics data. For example, you can set goals as making a purchase, completing a game level, signing up or other. However, every interaction you track on your website can be sorted into one of for Google Analytics goal types – Destination, Duration, Pages/Visit, and Events. Note that Customer lifetime value is not considered as Goal in Google Analytics. After all, it’s not an interaction.

Tip: You can set up to 20 Goals per reporting view. If you need to tack more goals, you can create an additional view for that property.

Learn more on the official Google support website.


– Customer’s lifetime value

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