What does the Translations report allow you to do?

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What does the Translations report allow you to do?

a – Determine which languages are spoken by viewers of the original video.

b – Forecast how much budget to allocate to translating videos.

c – Analyze the performance of localized content.

d – See which keywords are most popular in different regions.


YouTube offers many valuable reports you can use to evaluate your channel’s performance. One of these reports is “Translations report”. What’s that?

If you’ve added translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles to videos, you can use the Translations reports. They show performance data of the localized content. In general, these reports help you understand the value of your translation efforts. For example, you can evaluate views and watch time from viewers who might not understand the video’s original language or track the performance over time as you translate more videos.

As a result, with translations reports, you can evaluate translated content to increase reach and discovery. So, what does the translations report allow you to do? Shortly, they show data of localized content. 

In addition, note that channels with very large international audiences typically create multiple channels. And, not just using translations for videos. 

Learn more on the official Google support website.


Analyze the performance of localized content.

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