Which is a benefit of advertising online?

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Which is a benefit of advertising online?

a – Reach people who are likely interested in what you’re advertising

b – Make money by showing ads on your website

c – Increase your position in organic search results

d – Automatically collect information about potential customers


A question “Which is a benefit of advertising online?” worth a separate blog post at least. If not a case study. To answer it in one sentence is something more than ambitious. 

But let’s look at the question from Google Ads fundamentals assessment point. If we read carefully all the given options, it’s clear that only one option is valid. Reach people who are likely interested in what you’re advertising. 

Advertising online means showing ads not on “your” website (why you would pay for that?). However, it’s technically possible. Also, ads have nothing to do with organic search. In general. If visitors come to your page via ads, like your content and interact with it. For example share via social platforms, remember and return to the page later, comment etc., that will definitely have an impact on organic rankings. But we should admit that it’s not a goal of online advertising. Automatically collect info about customers? Not quite sure what it means. But its rather pointing to Google analytics even, not advertising and Google Ads.

Tip: The goal of advertising is not just to reach people. This has no value for your business. The goal is to initiate interaction with these people. No matter, it’s just a click, form submission, purchase, call, comment or anything which is an interaction in a very general meaning. 

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Reach people who are likely interested in what you’re advertising

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